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1959 Chevy Suburban Limo Is One Odd Way To Arrive In Style

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The sight of a modern limo usually suggests that behind the tinted windows there is a group of people who are either rich, important, or going to high school prom.

We aren't sure exactly what being spotted as an occupant of this 1959 Chevrolet Suburban limo would suggest about you, but we imagine it could be only be good.


Currently listed on Ebay, we have a sneaking suspicion this unique truck might be a little less one off custom than the current owner suggests. While it is certainly extremely rare, the quality of the truck makes us think it likely started life as a specially built "airport limo".

Before the days of large capacity vans or mini-buses, a handful coachbuilders modified and extended common cars and trucks to transport large groups of people. These unique vehicles served duty at high end resorts or for sightseeing purposes but were most commonly used at airports for transporting groups of passengers and flight crews.


It wasn't a cheap modification and accordingly there weren't a whole lot of vehicles like this one built. Of the small amount that were, few managed to avoid the junkyard after a life spent working. Because of their extremely low survival rate, it isn't surprising that most assume they are one of a kind custom vehicles.

At some point this 1959 Suburban was treated to the full "resto-mod" treatment complete with new paint, leather seats, a digital dash and disc brakes up front. Amazingly the 283 V8 remains under the hood. We imagine even with a few minor performance upgrades the engine still struggles to power this massive limo.

When purchasing a vehicle this large the obvious question becomes what to do with it? It appears someone has a pretty good answer, as bidding has reached $16,351 with a few days left on the auction. We really aren't sure what this rare stretched Suburban is worth or what it's new owner will actually do with it if they are able to purchase it. We just want a chauffeured ride in it.