1959 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo is one rare barn find

Even though "barn finds" have long been the holy grail of the collector car world, we're amazed at some of the cars that are still sitting covered in dust waiting to be discovered.

In this case it must have been a pretty large barn that contained this very original and very cool 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo that is currently listed on Ebay.


According to the listing for this massive finned Cadillac, it was discovered in a New York barn a few months ago where it spent the last decade or so. Before that it spent about 30 years sitting in a warehouse in California. After unearthing this beast, the current seller did the necessary mechanical repairs to bring the old limo back to drivable condition after sitting for 40 years.

After a thorough cleaning, this 1959 Cadillac limo is ready to drive and enjoy. The unique color combination and surprisingly rust free condition make this car a very unique find. It appears bidders agree as bidding for the limo is already up to $17,501 with over three days left on the auction.

If the pictures of this car in barn fresh condition aren't enough to keep you looking for your own hidden automotive gems, we aren't sure what is.



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