Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

You have a high I.Q.. In fact you're so bright women won't even give you the time of day. But all that doesn't mean you can't still ride on a short bus.

Volkswagen has a long, storied history. The child of a madman and a passionate engineering genius, VW began with a single model- the KdF Wagon, intended to be the Germany's Model T. As we all know, from that 22hp seed sprang a multitude of product which spread, kudzu-like, around the globe, and accomplished what the Nazis couldn't: deutschland uber alles. One Volkswagen that has engendered a healthy following among both families and freaks is the Type 2, or Bus. Designed without regard to frontal impact mitigation, crosswind stability or adequate horsepower, the Type 2 first appeared in 1950. Dubbed the Splittie for its two-pane windscreen, it debuted with a 25hp motor and quarter-ton carrying capacity.


Today we have a Nice Price or Crack Pipe Bus that's a little worse for wear, and has been jacked up into nosebleed territory. This '58 Double Door has been raised 3" and is rolling on some big-ass BFG tires. There's no interior, no bumpers, no Flavor Flav VW emblem up front, but it does have a rebuilt 1776cc cranker and a boiled gas tank. Hmm, that sounds like lunch.

While the Bus was adopted as a symbol for the generation of free love in the 1960s, this one does not happen to be free. In fact it is a hippie-unfriendly $6,500. Now, that's not a lot of hash brownies, but this Bus does appear to be a couple of zig zags short of a blunt. And that Highboy mod can only exacerbate the entertaining handling qualities of the old VW, requiring special needs to keep it under control should your travels include roads that are "outside".

A Nice Price VW Bus Highboy? Or is that $6500 so Crack Pipe you'd give it a pass?

You decide!

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