While some car design is a bit of an acquired taste, it doesn't take more than a glance at the classic lines of an early Porsche 356 to understand why they are such a popular collectible vehicle. One of 1212 356 coupes built in 1955, this bent window Porsche 356 is currently for sale on Ebay.

Luckily for those of us who don't have the $89,995 required to "buy-it-now" it costs nothing to stare at this beautiful and rare vintage sports car. Bent Windows—named for their distinctive windshield design—were offered for 1954 and 1955 only. Previous models employed a two piece windshield design while the 356A introduced in 1956 adopted a more conventional windshield style.

Any 356 is relatively rare, but examples of this stage of the 356's design progression are particularly sought after for their unique early design quirks. This example in particular stands out to us because from the white on red leather color combination to the original floor pans underneath it seems to display every attribute we would seek out in a 356 coupe.

Bidding on this Continental—a designation which indicates a car destined for the US when new—is currently at $62,100 with less than a day left on the auction. Words are woefully inadequate to describe our level of desire to own this beautiful old Porsche.

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