1955 Mercury Monterey

Believe it or not, the last time we saw a 50s Detroit car in this series was the '57 Cadillac, way back in November. I've got quite a few of them photographed, but it seems that my recent focus on the Malaise Era has come at the expense of other decades. So, let's take a look at an extra-nice example of the Major Chrome Era: this '55 Mercury Monterey sedan.


I believe GM called this type of swimming-pool blue hue "Hawaiian Blue" back in the day; not sure what Ford called it, but it's very much of its time.

And take a look at the three-dimensionality of this trim! Good thing cars don't rust here, because this protuberance looks like prime rust territory.


This taillight and surrounding area are beautifully intricate. That's why you bought the Mercury instead of its Ford sibling back then- all the little extra decorative touches. You still got those touches 18 years later on the '73 Monterey, but with more bean-counter restrictions on the opulence.


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