1952 Chevrolet Pickup Truck

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Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. Yet another of The General's old soldiers keeps working in Alameda.

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I'm unable to determine the exact year of this truck, what with all the parts swappage that takes place with work vehicles over the decades, but '52 is probably within a year. Some of you may have noticed the '73 Alfa GTV parked behind it; yes, the same person owns both the classic Alfa and the 68-year-old truck. How many of us can claim such great taste in vehicles?

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So many 50-plus-year-old GMC/Chevrolet pickups on the island; we've seen this '41 Chevy, this '45 Chevy, this '53 GMC, this '53 Chevy, and this '56 Chevy so far in this series.

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Old Navy trucks, what happened to them? I found an auction with some:

"Chances are that any car nut who visits Old Navy in the mall has closely inspected one of these 1950s-era Chevy pickups while waiting for a significant other to try on the hottest new skort or cargo pant. It seems that at least one Old Navy store is getting rid of its display truck. eBay Motors is hosting an auction for one that's being sold by the company hired to remove it from the store. The pickup is not a runner, as its engine and transmission have been removed, but the body looks to be in good condition and some interested buyers have already commented that a few individual parts, like the grille, are worth hundreds of dollars on their own.

The auction for this Old Navy display truck currently stands at just $1,650 with 32 bids, and there's no reserve price so the top bidder gets it regardless. No doubt a few bidders are planning to throw a motor and drive train in this thing and get it running again."