1943 International Harvester Truck

It's not only Truck Monday, it's Memorial Day! We haven't seen a street-parked vintage military vehicle since the Unimog of last fall, and we're due for another war wagon! I spotted this '43 IHC on the same block as the minister's '77 Camaro, and it was apparently surrounded by Soviet troops. Nothing I see on the street in Alameda surprises me any more, so I stopped to see what was going on.


It turns out that this truck is owned by the guy who runs the Alameda Naval Air Museum, and all the costumed folks hanging around (including a guy in full Indiana Jones gear and some fur-hatted Rooskies) were getting ready to attend the grand opening of the newly restored Alameda Theater, which had been closed for 30 years and was showing an Indiana Jones premiere. Sure, this International normally lives in a museum, but I caught it parked on the street- it's fair DOTS game!

Why Red Army soldiers plan to ride to the movies in a truck done up in USMC colors is a bit hard to figure out, but the costumes were quite good and this truck looks reasonably complete.


I'm hoping that military-vehicle expert (and my ex-coworker) Clinto can give us some more details on this old soldier; I'll need to head down to the ANAM later on and see what other vehicles they've got.


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