Here's a truck I'd been seeing around town for months, but was never able to capture holding still long enough to photograph for this series; another such vehicle is a powder-blue BMW 1500 that taunts me on a regular basis. Clearly, the owner of such vehicles drive them every day (very much in the spirit of DOTS) but they park them on obscure streets or- worse yet- in garages. Thwarted! Finally, I spotted the ol' green Chevy truck parked outside a popular dog park in the island's West End.


This might be a '42, but the short production run that year (in the month or two prior to GM switching over to vehicles that went "boom" instead of "vroom") means we're probably looking at a '41. You Chevy truck experts who can tell us more, please do so.

Either way, this truck is one of the oldest DOTS vehicles yet, either third-oldest or tied for fourth. The really impressive thing is that its owner uses it for everyday transportation; the guy who goes grocery shopping in his '45 Jeep must be jealous.


For '41, your Chevy truck came with a 90-horse six equipped with those newfangled overhead valves and a not-so-newfangled, not-so-pressurized oiling system that involved spritzes of oil aimed in the general direction of the connecting rods (actually, this system worked pretty well, but it still seems somehow wrong).


First 200 DOTS

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