1935 Monaco Trossi Is 16 Cylinders of Radial Engine Awesome

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When we showed off the Moto Guzzi version of the three-wheel Blackjack, commenter superstar DoctorNine dropped an image into the thread that had us running for the history books. Built by Augusto Monaco and Carlo Felice Trossi, the 1935 Monaco Trossi is a front engined beast designed to race in Grand Prix, but due to terrifying driving dynamics never did. The engine is an eight bank, 16-cylinder radial air-cooled 2-cycle, 3982cc engine with two Zoller superchargers. The whole shebang was good for 250 HP at 6000 rpm and powered the front wheels.

The chassis was an aircraft style spaceframe and all wheels where suspended by way of double wishbones, horizontal coil springs, and cockpit adjustable oil dampers. With the car complete, it was tested at Monza ahead of its entry in the Italian Grand Prix, but the 75/25 weight distribution meant the car understeered magnificently, so it never raced. The car currently resides the Museo dell'Automobile in Turin, but we would pay good money to see that thing do a burnout or try to take a corner. [ and AntsPhoto]