The 1932 Ford V8 or Model 18 has significant engineering advances over the previous Model A and the first mass market V8 to thank for its desirability in early hot rod circles. 80 years later, the '32 Ford is still the ultimate hot rod—growing only more popular with each passing year.

For this reason it's significantly more rare to come across one—especially in ultra desirable roadster form—that still looks like it just rolled off a Ford assembly line. We have years of staring at brightly colored high end '32 Ford hot rods dripping with billet at car shows to thank for the impact this original Deluxe Roadster had on us when we discovered it on Ebay this past week.

Although we love a clean traditional hot rod as much as the next guy, seeing a deuce roadster that still looks like it was fresh from River Rouge 80 years later was particularly intriguing. Sure the quality of the beautiful black paint and the finish details are nicer than they were new from Ford but from every angle this roadster screams originality—even if it was restored recently.

Underneath the hood is the nicely detailed Flathead V8 that changed the automotive world forever when it was introduced. According to the seller, it's in excellent working condition. Same goes for the 3 speed manual transmission, mechanical brakes, and six volt electrical system.

This original Ford may not be the ideal daily driver, but it would certainly stick out in a sea of hot rods. To us, it would be hard to imagine any car lover not appreciating a rare original like this roadster. Ebay bidders seem to agree—with a little over a day left the bidding has already reached $66,767.


Given the opportunity to own a 1932 Ford, we would unquestionably hot rod it. Having said that, we're glad this particular car has managed to make it 80 years without falling into the hands of someone who feels the same way.