19-Year-Old Arrested For Allegedly Going 208 MPH In A Mustang

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A 19-year old with some kind of savage, magic 2011 Mustang was reportedly clocked doing 208 MPH on Kilpatrick Turnpike in Oklahoma City. There’s no question that anyone doing 208 in a Mustang on public roads is an idiot who’s incredibly lucky they don’t kill themselves or anyone else. But there is a question about what kind of Mustang does 208 MPH?


The driver, Hector Fraire, was reportedly initially clocked doing 84 MPH. He sped up in an attempt to lose the trooper, along with turning off his headlights, and, according to some outlets, his brake lights as well, which is quite odd.

As he was fleeing, he was allegedly clocked doing 176 MPH and then peaked at a surprising 208 MPH, before finally getting pulled over at a red light, where he admitted defeat and dropped his keys out the window.

This is all a stupid thing to do, full stop, no question.

But, I am curious – what’s going on with this Mustang?

A stock 2011 Mustang GT with the 5.0 V8 is electronically limited to 155 MPH. It’s easy enough to lose the limiter, so with that gone, what would a 2011 Mustang GT do? A 2013 Shelby GT500 Mustang would do 189 MPH.

This doesn’t seem to be a GT500, but a lot of work had to be done, I’d imagine. To get from a stock 2011 5.0 top speed of about, let’s say 170 (optimistic, based on a number of forums and sources) to 208 is not trivial. It’ll take more than just lightening the car, and since it’s still recognizable as a Mustang to cops, I’m guessing no dramatic aero changes to alter the frontal area were involved.

I’m sure it’s possible – this guy built a 1200 horsepower Mustang in his garage with bolt-on turbos and other fun bits, after all– but it’s not trivial or cheap. Who are these 19 year olds with 200+ MPH capable Mustangs? Where do they get the money? Is it just extortion money from local Cars & Coffee meetups?


Anyway, even if you have a car that can go over 200 MPH, it’s still carrying around an idiot if you try that shit on a public road.

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Jonathan Harper

Was probably a V6 with an exhaust.