Top Gear America, formerly Top Gear USA, returns with its three new hosts tonight. The new episode airs at 8 p.m. EST on BBC America. I’ve seen it, and all I really came away with is the knowledge that Bill Fichtner has a lovely voice.


Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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Predicted comments ahead of airing:

1) Never as good as the 3 originals. Pass.

2) I was just beginning to like the 3 Americans - except for _____. He sucks.

3) Who are these guys? I like that famous actor though. They’ll need time to develop chemistry. I’ll give it a shot.

4) Cinematography/directing/editing isn’t as good (even thought many of the personnel worked on original TG - somehow a Jalop who works as an actuary has an ‘eye’ for camera work/editing/directing.)

5) So scripted. Pass.

6) Hey, another car show! I’ll take it.

7) Sucks (even though they never watched it or gave it more than 3 episodes.)

Myself, as a person who spent years working on one of the franchises, I’ll definitely give it a shot. I know first hand what it REALLY takes to make a show like this - and it’s not easy. Good luck cast and crew!!!