178 Tickets Issued For Drunken And Nude Antics At Indiana Tractor Pull

Whenever something that involves drunkenness, nudity, and cars occurs, we tend to automatically assume that the story is coming from Florida.

But this weekend, Indiana State Excise Police issued 178 tickets and arrested 65 people for the same sort of behavior at Diesel Fest, a tractor pull and apparent drunken party in Terre Haute, IN. Take that Florida.


And the tickets that were for public drunkenness and underaged drinking were attached to some epic stories.

One 17-year old girl was arrested for underaged drinking and public nudity when cops caught her dancing topless on top of a bus. She was released to her very proud mother.


Another girl, this one was 18, was severely intoxicated on the campgrounds. The kicker? She told cops she "might be pregnant." She was taken to the hospital and faces underage drinking charges.

Sounds like a fun weekend. We wish we were there.

(Hat Tip to Oran!)

Photo Credit: @TH_Diesel_Fest

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