We’ve got a late entry for Mom of the Year, folks. Bridge to Gantry reports that a Swiss mother-son duo who got busted doing 133 mph in an 80 mph zone on the way to the last open tourist drive day of the year at the Nürburgring, but she unleashed him alone for a few laps of ‘ring hoonage, where he binned the car.

The penalty for speeding on the way to the ‘ring was bad enough. Bridge to Gantry reports that the ticket for the Swiss-registered Chrysler Crossfire’s speeding on the A61 autobahn could net them a €1260 ($1341) fine and a possible three-month driving ban from Germany.

Key word: possible! So, press on regardless, I guess. If it’s the last day of touristenfahrten, the Nordschleife must be hooned.

So, the mom kindly waited in the parking lot while her son did multiple laps of the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

When the son crashed the car at Kallenhard, though, it was all over. Worse yet, he couldn’t produce a valid driver’s license, either. Sounds like Mom may have bought the laps and let her pride and joy out for a joyride.


Bridge to Gantry found a couple videos of a Swiss-plated Crossfire blowing by with questionable lines and lots of speed:

I’ve got flashbacks to the instructor from my lap saying, “try not to hop the curbs here” all over again. Thanks, kid.


Clearly, he took the slowest line around the ‘ring: the one that goes into the wall, onto a tow truck, and into a giant heap of trouble. Oops!

[H/T Bridge to Gantry]

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