12-Year-Old Kid Breaks Down Porsche's 2013 Lineup

Remember the 12-year-old kid behind the Porsche 928 turbo concept? Well, "Porsche Kid" has put together a full breakdown of what he expects from Porsche's 2013-14 lineup with photos below.


Spy photos, educated guesses, and "inside information" doesn't always add up to the truth, so one intense tween with an excess of Porsche love is probably a decent place to start. Here's his analysis:

I came to a conclusion on what the 2014 Porsche lineup might look like. I also
included 2 renderings I made of a 9984S in Speed Yellow. The renders are based completely off of extremely revealing spy-shots. The 998 will be overall bigger, so big, that believe it or not, the 998 "Turbos" you see testing are actually base Carreras. I know this because the brakes are that of a standard variant, and the air inlets
on the side are fake. You might still argue about the front splitter, the splitter will actually be adjustable and will come standard on most 998s. If you still want to argue about the huge rear, then you haven't seen the most revealing photo ever of the rear. It's completely and subtly sloped. Then why the Turbo looking
camo rear? To accommodate a new adjustable rear wing that is a part of the bodywork and not of the engine cover. The spy-photos of the 998 are a bit strange in some areas though. If you notice, the seats resemble those of the 996 GT3. New optional carbon buckets? Who knows? Anyway, here is what I think the 2014 lineup will look like.


There also will be a new entry level model which will be in Spyder form, reminiscent of the 356 and Carrera GT. Staying with the 356 and Carrera GT, there also may be a Coupe model based on the Cayman. The Spyder
will be based on the Boxster. It will probably get a 4-cylinder Turbo with 250hp. This will add an extra model to the Cayman and Boxster lineup. The Boxster lineup will carry over the "Spyder". Perhaps because the
Boxster has a lightweight variant; the Cayman might get one too. If there Is a lightweight Cayman, it might be called the "550 Coupe".

The Roxster. Yes, the long rumored Roxster. I highly doubt the Roxster will ever be made. There have been no known test models. The "Roxsters" that untrained spy-photographers are catching are Cayennes. The
Cayenne by this time will be smaller, lighter, and of course, more efficient. The Cayenne will get a higher output V8, common with the Panamera.

Speaking of the Panamera; the rumored "928" will be integrated with the Panamera as a 2dr variant. The Panamera will receive only a facelift by this time, and will not get the new model number "971", but will remain "970". The 2dr versions of the Panamera will get all of the same variants, but with added Cabriolet versions. There might be a Turbodiesel coupe and Cabriolet version along with the hybrid, but Porsche only knows.

As for the Turbo models and S models, the facelift will update them to match output with the Cayenne and Roxster. The 911 S models and Turbo models will also match the output. However, the base model 911s will not match output with the base Roxster, Panamera, and Cayenne. I wonder how fast a 570hp Panamera Coupe would be, or a 570hp Panamera Coupe Cabriolet. There will also be a base V6 Panamera added. Pricing for the 2014 Panamera will probably range from $50,000-$150,000. The Panamera will truly offer
a model for just about everyone.

All of this is based on speculation. This list includes every model if ALL rumors are fulfilled. The official 2014
lineup will look quite different, but this is just something to hold you off. I included renders of the 988 Boxster, Cayenne, 998 911, and a few

Panamera facelifts that I made.
NA=Naturally Aspirated
T= Turbocharged

Boxster Turbo 250hp I4 T
Boxster 275hp F6 NA
Boxster S 330hp F6 NA
Boxster Spyder 340hp F6 NA

Cayman Turbo 255hp I4 T
Cayman 280hp F6 NA
Cayman S 335hp F6 NA
Cayman 550 Coupe 345hp F6 NA

911 375hp F6 NA
911 Cab 375hp F6 NA
911 S 415hp F6 NA
911 S Cab 415hp F6 NA
911 4 375hp F6 NA
911 4 Cab 375hp F6 NA
911 4S 415hp F6 NA
911 4S Cab 415hp F6 NA
911 Targa4 375hp F6 NA
911 Targa4S 415hp F6 NA
911 Turbo 530hp F6 T
911 Turbo S 570hp F6 T
911 GT2 580hp F6 T
911 GT3 445hp F6 NA

Panamera 300hp V6 NA
Panamera Coupe 300hp V6 NA
Panamera Coupe Cab 300hp V86NA
Panamera S 415hp V8 NA
Panamera S Coupe 415hp V8 NA
Panamera S Coupe Cab 415hp V8 NA
Panamera 4 300hp V6 NA
Panamera 4 Coupe 300hp V6 NA
Panamera 4 Coupe Cab 300hp V6 NA
Panamera 4S 415hp V8 NA
Panamera 4S Coupe 415hp V8 NA
Panamera 4S Coupe Cab 415hp V8 NA
Panamera Turbodiesel 300hp V6 T
Panamera Turbodiesel Coupe 300hp V6 T
Panamera Turbodiesel Coupe Cab 300hp V6 T
Panamera Hybrid 300hp V6 NA
Panamera Hybrid Coupe 300hp V6 NA
Panamera Hybrid Coupe Cab 300hp V6 NA
Panamera Turbo 530hp V8 T
Panamera Turbo Coupe 530hp V8 T
Panamera Turbo Coupe Cab 530hp V8 T
Panamera Turbo S 570hp V8 T
Panamera Turbo S Coupe 570hp V8 T
Panamera Turbo S Coupe Cab 570hp V8 T

Cayenne 300hp V6 NA
Cayenne S 415hp V8 NA
Cayenne GTS 445hp V8 NA
Cayenne Turbodiesel 300hp V6 T
Cayenne Hybrid 300hp V6 NA
Cayenne Turbo 530hp V8 T
Cayenne Turbo S 570hp V8 T

We're hoping this isn't an elaborate hoax, because we don't want to know anyone old enough to drive with this much time on their hands.

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