12-Year-Old Girl Busted For Drunk Driving

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It's the old story: Guy meets girl at a party, gets a little wasted, asks girl to drive him home. Except in this story the girl was 12, ran off a Minnesota county road and could face a DWI charge.


Here's the cast of characters as discovered by Winona County police this weekend:
- Benjamin R. Repinski, 19, who met the 12-year-old at a party and had her drive his car home.
- The girl, who mistook the gas for the brake, ran over a highway sign and into a yard late Saturday night. At that point, Repinski took evasive action to get the car back on the road and instead ran it into a shed. When police arrived, the girl was given a breath test and blew a 0.09% blood alcohol content.
- Daniel G. Arndt, 21, Repinski's buddy, who tried to come pick his friend up after the crash, and was pulled over by an officer investigating the crash after he was spotted weaving on his moped and wearing sunglasses.

Repinski and Arndt have misdemeanor charges pending.

Gopher State, what the hell?


(Thanks to Eric and Nick) [via Minneapolis Star-Tribune]

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WTF Minnesota?

If this is the stuff that gets reported, what else is going on that no one notices?