11-Year-Old Kid Gets Contract From Ferrari Racing

11-year-old two-time Canadian Karting champion Lance Stroll becomes the youngest person ever signed by Ferrari Racing to a development deal and training at the Ferrari Driving Academy. He also wins the title of luckiest kid ever.

Lance will be the youngest ever recruit of the academy, but according to Ferrari Driving Academy director Luca Baldisserri, "He is very young, but he has already shown in karting that he is exceptionally talented. We will follow him step by step in his forthcoming events in North America and he will soon also take part in our courses at Maranello."


Lance has been dominating the Rotax Mini Max division since he started racing in 2008, a season which saw him nominated Rookie of the Year in the Federation Sport Automobile du Quebec followed by a Driver of the Year nomination in 2009.

Competitve karting in the world of racing is comparable to the little leagues in baseball. It's a place for kids to come up through the ranks and hone their skills. Anyone who's anyone in motorsport these days more than likely started in kart racing. With Lance gaining the attention of Ferrari at such an early age, it's no doubt this kid is good. Watch him as you might be looking at the next Jackie Stewart or Mario Andretti. [Yahoo news]

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