10 Su-27SM Flankers & 4 Su-30 Super Flankers Stationed In Crimea

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As promised, Moscow is finally beefing up its air combat punch on the Crimean Peninsula. Sputnik news has pictures of Russia's new fighter regiment at Belbek Air Base, on the western Crimean coast. The base is stated to imminently house 10 highly upgraded Su-27SM and four state of the art Su-30 Super Flankers.


Belbek Air Base was a major Ukrainian MiG-29 Fulcrum air defense base before Russia's invasion, although many of its aircraft were dilapidated and far from air worthy. It was also the location of a major standoff between Russian and Ukrainian forces who would not give up the base even through they were vastly outgunned.

These images and details regarding exactly what aircraft are stationed to Belbek Air Base comes as speculation has been rising as to what exactly fighters would be deployed to the now Russian controlled base, with some inaccurate images popping up on social media recently.

Russia has big plans for Belbek Air Base beyond the advanced Flanker derivatives that will be based there. The base will get rehabilitated and will be put to use as a multi-function airport that can accept both governmental and commercial traffic while also performing its military function.

Citizens have been alerted to not be alarmed by unfamiliar aircraft operating out of the airfield as Russian operations ramp up.


Top photo via Russavia/wikicommons

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