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Meet one of the most insane diesel truck builds we’ve ever seen: Old Smokey F1. In its tastefully patina’d 1949 Ford engine bay lies a beautifully built twin-turbo diesel engine good for 1,233 horsepower at the wheels and 2,000 ft-lbs of torque. Holy crap, that’s a lot of tire-killing insanity.

Just in case, do note the lovely nitrous bottle good for adding 375 more horsepower on top of the usual 1,233. There’s a handbrake for maximum stunt-power. There are tasteful speed holes for lightness, and a full roll cage. Also, how could we forget the exhaust pipe that’s as big as a cantaloupe?


Owner Scott Birdsall eventually got talked into ripping some fat burnouts with Old Smokey F1, and the world is now a better place for it. It’s built for racing, but it does just fine burning ‘em down while still, too. Just wait for the turbos to kick in.


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