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1:1 Scale Tamiya "Wild Willy" Is A R/C Car Brought To Life

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Two years after building a 1:1 scale version of Japanese R/C model manufacturer Tamiya's iconic and unbelievably cool 1979 "Sand Scorcher" Volkswagen Beetle, German tuning company "The Bug Box" has brought another of the company's famous models to life in full size.


This time the vehicle in question is their "Wild Willy". The "Wild Willy" was introduced in original 1:10th scale back in 1982. Thanks to the models low mounted rear engine, short wheelbase and plastic body it was an extremely capable wheelie machine. Like most vintage Tamiya models, mint examples can bring serious money—if you can find one.


Finding a full size version of the "Wild Willy" wasn't an option, so the German company built one. We'd say seeing an iconic R/C car brought to life is just as cool the second time around. Like the full size "Sand Scorcher" this 1:1 scale model is true to the form of the model down to almost every little detail. That includes the also to scale Acoms radio control shown in these pictures.

It certainly looks like the full sized version lives up to the "dynamic and versatile stunt vehicle" description attached to the original R/C model. Thanks to a rear mounted Volkswagen engine the "Wild Willys" appears to have no problem doing the wheelies that made the original smaller version so popular.

Although we're admittedly partial to the "Sand Scorcher", spending time popping wheelies in the 1:1 "Wild Willy" would still certainly be our kind of full scale fun.

Hat tip to Francesco!