1,000-HP Twin-Turbo Escalade beats Nissan GT-R

John Hennessey's got this great shtick going where he takes his Frankenstein monsters and pits them against stock versions of cars we associate with performance. It's total nonsense, but how the hell do you not watch a twin-turbo Cadillac Escalade race a Nissan GT-R?


I visit the Hennessey HQ in Sealy with some regularity and it's always fun to see what manner of madness he's pursuing. Amidst the relatively mild (on his scale) 650-hp Camaros and 500-hp Raptors, there's usually something even wilder. I've been waiting to see the HPE 1000 Twin-Turbo Cadillac Escalade for a while.

Yeah, you read that headline right. This is a 1,000-hp Escalade. The team at Hennessey Performance Engineering takes a 6.2-liter LSX crate motor and throws every bit of tuning they've got at it, including two twin ball-bearing turbos, air-to-air intercoolers, and all the upgraded internals needed to avoid having the engine shoot out the expensive chrome grille.


As you can see in the video above, the results are appropriately ridiculous for a vehicle that weighs 5,700 pounds in its lightest trim. It clocks a 0-60 time of 3.3 seconds and runs the quarter-mile in just 11.3 seconds at 124 mph according to Hennessey.

But how do you compare a modified GM truck to a stock Nissan GT-R? You can't. It's like apples and orangutans. Sharks and sewing machines. This is theatre of the absurd, but when it gets posted around the GT-R and GMT forums it'll have worked its magic.


There's no price listed for this particular vehicle yet, but just assume it's in the "if you have to ask you probably don't shop at Sam's Club" territory. For the more "price conscious" they'll also do this same swap to any similar GM truck.

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