Saturn Discovers Social Networking, Attempts To Join 21st Century

Apparently young people these days like to talk to each other online rather than read. Sometimes, they even take advantage of toy-like technological innovations to transmit electronic images and even music! Based on this cutting edge research, Saturn has launched a new concept in online communication to reach these… »5/12/08 12:20pm5/12/08 12:20pm

The General Outlines Corporate Priorities For 2007, We Take A Nap

There's some kind of silly NAIAS Automotive Securities Analyst Event hosted by Citigroup today over in Dearborn at the Ritz. I've no idea what the hell it's all about, but we know the General's got a number of execs there including Rick "I'm The Boss" Wagoner, Bob "I'm With Boss" Lutz, Fritz "Money-Man" Henderson and… »1/11/07 2:07pm1/11/07 2:07pm

The Truthiness About The GM Death Watch: Calling Bull On Merrill Lynch

Uh-oh boys and girls, Robert Farago's at it again! This time, he's taking the bull by the horns in his two most recent episodes of the GM Death Watch. But he should be careful, cause this bull is none other than the biggest and most well-known full-service financial institution in the world, Merrill Lynch. Undaunted… »6/02/06 1:55pm6/02/06 1:55pm