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Jalopnik Team Party Crash: Bob Lutz Eats "Hamburgers" At The GM Holiday…

That's right, kids — we snuck into the General's holiday party over at the world's biggest automaker's world's biggest Heritage Center, located deep in the heart of Reagan Democratic politics — Sterling Heights, MI. Although we made it in a bit late, we still found ourselves in range to fire a few questions at Chief… » 12/14/06 12:11pm 12/14/06 12:11pm

The Detroit Tigers Lose The World Series, But David Eckstein Wins A…

Yeah, it's no surprise to most that I'd be a bit upset over the outcome of the World Series — that should be obvious to even the most casual observer of this site or, ya know, others. Still, I'm proud of my little Tiger team that could — they went farther than anyone expected. But, while watching the post-game, I did… » 10/28/06 1:50am 10/28/06 1:50am

Who's Tweakin' Jason Vines And Challenging Dodge?

So our boy, Chrysler PR man extraordinaire, Jason Vines, was looking rather worried there behind the Dodge Challenger concept car at the PT Cruiser and Dodge Challenger press event this AM. At the time, we couldn't figure out exactly why — and although it seemed like he was looking at something over on Woodward… » 8/15/06 2:30pm 8/15/06 2:30pm