Toyota: Credit Not Responsible For Current Sales Slump, But Please Hurry Up And Fix!

Jim Lentz, Toyota's US sales chief, told the Detroit News »10/10/08 10:00am10/10/08 10:00am yesterday that consumer financing isn't their challenge right now; rather, low consumer confidence is keeping buyers out of showrooms. "The vast majority of our customers are able to get approved for loans," said Lentz, claiming that a record number of…

Toyota September Sales Down 32%; Honda Drops 24%

As clear proof that today's recession is an equal-opportunity unemployer, Toyota has posted a September sales decline of 32% from a year earlier — one of the worst results in the company's 50 years of US sales — while Honda sank 24% in the face of the consumer credit crisis. The declines at Toyota and Honda reinforce… »10/01/08 3:25pm10/01/08 3:25pm

Now You Know It's Bad: Toyota May Miss U.S. Sales Targets

The Super-Best Automaker from the Land of the Rising Sun is backing away from forecasts that show an annual increase in U.S. sales over last year. Despite massive demand for the smug-forming Prius, Toyota's plans for world domination are getting bogged down in the Tundra, since the same market forces decimating demand »6/24/08 9:30am6/24/08 9:30am