This USAF Thunderbirds Style Night Before Christmas Poem Is Brilliant!

This USAF Thunderbirds interpretation of The Night Before Christmas popped up last night on my Facebook news feed and I thought it was just fantastic. Well done guys and thank you to all USAF personnel, and all of our warriors for that matter, working and fighting around the globe on this special day. » 12/25/14 4:01pm 12/25/14 4:01pm

This Is The Most Awe Inspiring USAF Thunderbirds Video Ever

Ride right inside the cockpit with Thunderbird #5, the lead solo, and see the incredible visuals they see out of their F-16C's bubble canopy. With the use of multiple in-cockpit angles from multiple locations during the a Thunderbirds season, and showing a wide variety of formations and tasks, this is quite possibly… » 11/17/14 12:45pm 11/17/14 12:45pm

'Oh Crap,' Said Air Force Pilot Who Broke The Sound Barrier And A Bunch…

The Thunderbirds are the U.S. Air Force's crack aerobatics team, so they have to practice a lot to get their routines down. Mistakes can lead to horrible crashes, or, as in the case of a Thunderbird pilot flying over Tucson, Ariz., thousands of dollars in damaged property. » 12/20/12 2:00pm 12/20/12 2:00pm

Take a Look Around the Argentine Auto Union Factory in 1960

Auto Union was the result of the merger of 4 German car companies formed in 1932. Few are aware during the 1960s, the German company which became Audi licensed car production in Argentina. These photos show the factory in action. » 1/08/11 3:00pm 1/08/11 3:00pm

Rock At Your Six O'Clock

Maj. John Baum, the No. 2 pilot with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, gives a "rock on" signal while refueling his F-16 Fighting Falcon after an air show at Grand Forks Air Force Base, N.D. last month. Photo Credit: USAF » 6/09/10 9:00am 6/09/10 9:00am