The Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court Has Never Been Pulled Over

Much of the arguments before the United States Supreme Court would bore the average layperson to tears. But in a case before the Court concerning traffic stops a few weeks ago, Chief Justice John Roberts apparently admitted something absolutely nuts. He's never been pulled over by a cop before. Ever. » 2/12/15 4:45pm 2/12/15 4:45pm

Man Nailed For Driving In The Carpool Lane Says It's OK Because…

What's the most clever excuse you've ever used to get out of a traffic ticket? Have you faked being sick, or said that you were on your way to the hospital to see a dying relative, or insisted that your car was a victim of unintended acceleration? » 1/05/13 12:00pm 1/05/13 12:00pm

Should Cops Be Sucking Drivers' Blood Without A Warrant?

We at Jalopnik are huge fans of driving, but we think it should be only done when you're not under the influence of booze. You put your own life at risk when you do that, along with that of anyone else who might be on the road. In addition, the legal penalties suck massively when you get caught. » 9/29/12 10:30am 9/29/12 10:30am

Supreme Court Says Cops Can't GPS Track Your Car Without Warrant

The Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that because of Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure, police must obtain a valid warrant before using a GPS device to track a suspect for an extended period of time. » 1/23/12 4:30pm 1/23/12 4:30pm

Supreme Court will decide when feds can follow you with GPS

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case involving a man tracked by the FBI without a warrant for a month with a GPS unit mounted on his car. Lower courts ruled against the feds, but there's one round left. » 6/29/11 10:00am 6/29/11 10:00am

What Is Justice David Souter Driving?

Supreme Court Justice David Souter is peacing out, which means photographers had to get the obligatory photo of him driving away from his house this morning. But what is he driving? » 5/01/09 1:00pm 5/01/09 1:00pm

Supreme Court Says: Police Not Liable For Running You Off Road,…

Oh, Hoons of the dark side, the day you've feared is nigh! In a decision that really shocks no one, the Supreme Court overwhelmingly sided with the police who "do not have to call off pursuit of a fleeing motorist when they reasonably expect that other people could be hurt." So says Anton Scalia. And seven other top… » 4/30/07 5:00pm 4/30/07 5:00pm

How Many Drinks Was That? Jalopnik Editor Jaws On The Cost Of The EPA…

Wert was totally adorable last night while busting out some hard core facial expressions "On The Money" last night on CNBC. We've got the video above, so take a look and answer for us the golden question of the only Official Car Pundit Drinking Game — how many drinks was that? » 4/03/07 12:24pm 4/03/07 12:24pm

Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: New York Auto Show Edition

So Wert's in the city that's large, red and delicious, and he's just told us he'll be on the usual station speaking about — huffing tailpipes. No wait, we kid — sort of. He'll be offering up his best punditification on CNBC at 7:30 on "On The Money." The topic? Tailpipe emissions and the recent Supreme Court decision.… » 4/02/07 6:17pm 4/02/07 6:17pm

Pole-Smoking! Supreme Court Takes EPA To Task Over Failure To Regulate…

This one's just breaking and we haven't read the entire decision yet from the Supreme Court, but here's the basics — cribbed from our friends at CNBC: » 4/02/07 12:52pm 4/02/07 12:52pm

The answers to the three questions popped out today in magic eight-ball-like fashion: Ok, we kid on the last one. Actually they...

Read My Lips DaimlerChrysler: No New Taxes From The Supreme Court

Tax incentives, and any economic development tool, are one of the messy things folks don't like to talk about much. Politicos love to talk about the results (jobs, jobs, jobs) from the various economic development tools but none of 'em want to really get into the nitty-gritty details on what these toolsets are (tax… » 5/15/06 3:40pm 5/15/06 3:40pm

Kaus on Roberts, GM and China

Slate blogger Mickey Kaus meditated on China's recent currency revaluation, noting that with every 2% increase in the value of the yuan, it makes it 2% easier to buy floundering American brands and use them as venues for their own products. And who fits that bill right now better than General Motors? He also notes… » 7/25/05 4:18pm 7/25/05 4:18pm