If We're Going To Stop Crashing At Night, Detection Is The Key

It's been established that the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a packed with a lot of new car technology that's going to be widespread in a few years. With all of the talk about making a car that effectively drives itself, the S-Class foreshadows some pretty amazing technology that's going to make driving a lot safer –… »6/02/13 3:00pm6/02/13 3:00pm

GM Developing View-Enhancing Laser Windshield, Intends To Outspend Reds In Automotive Cold War

General Motors is building a prototype windshield capable of enhancing a driver's vision with lasers. No, this isn't the automotive equivalent of LASIK, but rather a system for identifying road markings and making them more visible to drivers during difficult conditions. The system is being developed with older… »7/18/08 10:20am7/18/08 10:20am

Do You Want to Play a Game?: BMW's Thermal Imaging System in Action

Automotive portal AutoMotoPortal brings us this clip from BMW that shows its thermal-imaging "night vision" at work. Watch as the driver of a 7-Series avoids a man and a woman engaged in some midnight fitness activities on a desolate street. No, not that kind. That's a whole 'nuther kind of German video. »5/10/06 12:34pm5/10/06 12:34pm

I Can See You (Really, I Can, Friend): BMW Night Vision for 5- and 6-Series

Black Flag's "I Can See You" may have been the band's last studio recording, but BMW is only just introducing its Night Vision system in the US for its 5-Series and 6-Series cars this coming March. (Betcha didn't think we could shoehorn that punk rock reference into this post, did you?) The driver-assistance feature,… »1/24/06 2:51pm1/24/06 2:51pm