Electric Morgan will be an e-roadster with a manual transmission

Morgan Motor Company may be steeped in the dusky liquors of the old world, but it's been making moves toward next-level thinking. Take the company's hydrogen fuel cell LifeCar project, and now its all-electric +E program. Part Caterham, part Nissan Leaf? » 8/18/11 1:30pm 8/18/11 1:30pm

Morgan Aero Supersport Haunts Detroit Auto Show Floor

Morgan has a tradition of being a bizarre, anachronistic and lovable builder of fast-but-cramped cars and the Morgan Aero Supersport continues this tradition with flying buttresses and a lift-off roof. It sits alone, quietly judging the Tesla Roadster behind it. » 1/11/10 9:10am 1/11/10 9:10am