The Mercedes M-Class Is One Of The Most Important Cars In Our Lifetime

Every so often, some non-automotive media outlet puts together a list of the “Most Important Cars.” Have you seen these lists? They always include the Model T, and the original Mini, and the Porsche 911, and the Ford Mustang. And I always eagerly read them, start to finish, until I get to the end and I discover that… »6/23/15 3:54pm6/23/15 3:54pm


Mercedes BlueTEC Models Get First Diesel Consumer Tax Credits

In an important step toward flooding our shores with torquey, fuel-efficient engines, Mercedes' BlueTEC SUV »9/17/08 9:20am9/17/08 9:20ams have been granted the first consumer tax credits for diesel vehicles awarded by the EPA/IRS. The reports the Mercedes ML 320 BlueTEC, R 320 BlueTEC, and GL 320 BlueTEC, all on sale starting October 1, have…