Mercedes-Benz Will Now Sell You A Whole Bunch Of Cars Directly From Its Museum

Interested in buying an old Mercedes, but shied away because you’re worried that Craigslist is full of randos and murderers and this guy? Those may or may not be reasonable fears! But fear not, as Mercedes itself has you covered. If you’re willing to pay serious money, it’ll sell you a car right out of its own museum… »11/10/15 8:35pm11/10/15 8:35pm

Formula One Drivers Can Pretend To Wrestle With The Best Of 'Em

Regardless of whether you think wrestling is real or faked, let’s just say that this luchador puts up about as much resistance to Lewis Hamilton as Hamilton’s teammate did into turn 1 last weekend. You know what? It doesn’t matter. I am extremely entertained by it, anyway. Isn’t that what wrestling is all about?
»10/30/15 2:33pm10/30/15 2:33pm

Feel The Seething Hatred The Mercedes F1 Drivers Have For Each Other In This Video

2015 World Drivers’ Champion Lewis Hamilton was especially ruthless to teammate Nico Rosberg during today’s United States Grand Prix. Hamilton pushed him wide on the first corner of the race to get in front. Needless to say, Rosberg didn’t like Hamilton tossing him the second place hat.
»10/25/15 5:31pm10/25/15 5:31pm

Lewis Hamilton Is Your Three-Time 2015 Formula One World Drivers' Champion

If there’s any race weekend where Mercedes Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton had really had to earn a win, it was this year’s United States Grand Prix. Everything came down to an insane last-lap battle between his teammate Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel, who clawed his way up to a podium finish.
»10/25/15 5:00pm10/25/15 5:00pm

True Fans Don't Grab An Umbrella, They Grab A Battle Flag

This pair of Mercedes Formula One fans didn’t care about the insane rain storm that flooded out and postponed Free Practice 2 at Circuit of the Americas indefinitely, nor did they care that half the fencing on the bridge behind them had blown over. They flew that Mercedes flag all the way back. »10/24/15 2:19pm10/24/15 2:19pm

Expect Delicious Chaos At Austin's F1 Race Thanks To Vettel's Grid Penalty

Mathematically, Mercedes Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton could clinch a third world driver’s championship this weekend. Because one of the key players in that equation will take a grid penalty for this weekend’s United States Grand Prix, Hamilton’s job just got a bit easier. Here’s why you should watch anyway.
»10/22/15 4:35pm10/22/15 4:35pm

Driving The $100,000 Mobile Home Your Fabulous Wife And Redneck Cousin Can Agree On

I woke up naked and freezing, stretched around a heater like some desperate, heat-starved lizard with a headache so strong I was sure I’d been put to sleep by a frying pan to the face. A typical morning—until I noticed the Rocky Mountains instead of my Babes & Big Rigs calendar in the window. Welcome to van life. »10/12/15 3:14pm10/12/15 3:14pm

Mercedes, Google, Volvo To Accept Liability When Their Autonomous Cars Screw Up

Autonomous cars are an inevitability, which we’ve known for a while, but the remaining questions we’ve had for a while doesn’t concern the technology, but rather the regulations. Rather than wait for the government to say something, it looks like manufacturers are just saying “screw it” and stepping up to the plate… »10/07/15 11:47am10/07/15 11:47am

The Hamilton discharge is a win for thorough rule drafting 

Yesterday’s Italian GP, held at beautiful top speed temple Monza, gained momentum about 7 laps before the checkered flag. Nico Rosberg was catching up on Vettel’s Ferrari, promising a Germanic fight for second place, the two Williams in 5th and 4th were getting within DRS distance, and Lewis Hamilton was prompted to… »9/13/15 5:05pm9/13/15 5:05pm