Or Maybe You'll Just Look Like an Asshole: USAT on Scissor Doors

Always with their bar-graphin', pie-chartin' fingies on the pulse of automotive culture, the USA Todays take on the topic of upward-swinging doors, which, let's face it, should only ever be offered on Lamborghinis. Retrofitting them to anything less ultimately reveals you as the bro-hammin', no-taste-havin' dillhole… »2/22/06 3:33pm2/22/06 3:33pm

Mitsubishi Takes Blue Ribbon At the Brodeo: Maxim Calls Eclipse 'Best GT'

Frat brothers of the world, unite and take over your pals over at Maxim have elected the Mitsubishi Eclipse to the throne of "GT of the Year." Proving that the bro-hams over at Tha Max know jack shizznack about autos, this is the first time in four years that a Mitsu has made the list. Now we know that the Japanese… »10/13/05 12:53pm10/13/05 12:53pm