The Kia Cadenza is the 5-series for People Who Aren't Shallow

In this post I am going to compare two cars that should not be compared and make assumptions about BMW buyers; I expect a good walloping in the comments. I think we have come to a general consensus that the 5-series is no longer the drivers car it once was. And that is o.k. because few buyers (lessees) in this segment… » 3/10/14 10:54am 3/10/14 10:54am

It's Fine If Kia Sells The K900 Through Just A Third Of Its Dealers

It's logical that an automaker's dealers would be thrilled to sell their biggest and/or most prestigious models. That's not happening lately. News the Kia K900 is only being sold at a fraction of Kia outlets sounds strange, but it isn't. It's actually smart. » 2/28/14 9:00pm 2/28/14 9:00pm

Kia's The Matrix Super Bowl Ad Sells A K900 With Morpheus And Two Keys

Kia has a lot to sell with the Kia K900. In their big Super Bowl push, they're telling you there are two choices in buying big luxury cars: the Kia or everything else. Who better to present a choice between two pills cars than Morpheus from The Matrix? » 1/28/14 12:41pm 1/28/14 12:41pm

The Kia GT4 Stinger Is Better Than A Genesis Coupe Clone

The rear-drive, 2874-lb, 315-hp GT4 Kia GT4 Stinger concept was one Detroit show car (along with the Nissan IDx concepts) that set our one-track mind reeling off-axis. Affordable drivers' cars? More, please. I sat down with the project's team leader, Tom Kearns, to find out what's what. » 1/21/14 3:00pm 1/21/14 3:00pm

Kia GT4 Stinger Concept: 315 HP, RWD, OMGWTFBBQ

Kia has done a lot over the last few years to make you forget they were pushing the Sephia less than 20 years ago. Stuff like the big and expensive K900 has helped shed the crap car image. But a rear-wheel drive sports car could be the Kia you actually want to drive. If they build it. » 1/02/14 11:15am 1/02/14 11:15am

Hyundai/Kia's Luxury Problem

Hyundai/Kia has made it no secret that they want to play in the US luxury market. The Genesis, Equus, and now K900 sedans may not be stealing BMW and Benz buyers, but those vehicles show that the focus and resources are present to make an impact on this segment in the near future. However, product alone is not going to … » 11/25/13 11:18am 11/25/13 11:18am