Jodie Foster Drives Us Crazy As She Japanders The ’93 Honda Civic

Last week, we explored the phenomenon of "Japandering," whereby an American or European celebrity shills for some product in Japan. While we got to see Michael J. Fox rocking out in an Integra sedan last time, today we'll further dive into Honda's love of using American celebs in their ads, this time with the… »10/13/12 9:00am10/13/12 9:00am


Jodie Foster Gets Clothing Torn Off By Fifth-Gen Honda Civic

Like many American stars, Jodie Foster has raked in some big stacks of yen by appearing in Japanese-market TV advertisements. Yes, her acting trajectory goes from teenage prostitute to Hot Western Woman In Fifth-Generation Civic Sedan. Honda went with Jodie for their ads for the '92 through '95 model years. Pretty… »5/17/07 2:30pm5/17/07 2:30pm

This Is Sgt. Hinckley. We Know It's Early — But Jodie Foster Needs You to Move Your Car.

Yes, we know the Hinckley - Jodie Foster reference is in bad taste — but come on, if The Family Guy can do it, why can't we? According to our media maven masthead Gawker, Foster and Neil Jordan were shooting their new film The Brave One over on New York's Upper East Side. The plan was to film a scene over on East… »6/20/06 9:30pm6/20/06 9:30pm