The Coolest Ferrari Film You'll Ever See That Isn't A Commercial

This vintage 8mm film brings us back to a time when a classic Ferrari was something you actually drove and had fun with, not something you locked up in a bank vault-like garage. Titled "The Great Putdown," it's no over-produced commercial shilling for Shell »9/19/08 6:00pm9/19/08 6:00pm. Instead, it has a star-studded cast of Ferraris including a…

1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Sells For $10,976,000 Setting World Record As Most Expensive Car Ever

How much would you pay for the car of your dreams? Well, the official record for the highest price anyone ever paid for any car anywhere was just recently set when a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT short-wheelbase California got hammered down at auction for €7,040,000. Converted to 'merican dollars, that's about $10,976,000. That… »5/19/08 12:40pm5/19/08 12:40pm