Car Thief Bails From Moving Car, Leaves Girlfriend To Crash

Bailing on a moving stolen vehicle in the middle of a car chase makes you a bad criminal. Bailing on a moving stolen vehicle with your girlfriend still inside makes you an awful boyfriend. Defending the driver? You're Dylan Ratigan. » 8/25/09 12:30pm 8/25/09 12:30pm

The Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: We Love The "Money Bunnies," But…

We're sorry we're not using the normal OCPDG graphic this evening, but to tell you the truth, we kinda miss Dylan "Stock Stud" Ratigan — in a totally hetero man-love kind of way. The man's got an on-air gravitas that makes listening to financial news and views an interesting and appealing process. Yes, we know you… » 3/15/07 4:29pm 3/15/07 4:29pm