2010 Audi A8 Spied Disguised As World's Biggest Mitsubishi

Since we all know Mitsubishi only makes Evos, these three upside down diamonds seem like a bad disguise for the ginormous 2010 Audi A8. Expect to see the full unveiling at December's LA Auto Show. [Autoblog.nl] » 8/10/09 2:30pm 8/10/09 2:30pm

Next Generation Audi A8 Teases Us With LED Lights

This teaser image was part of a large package of promotional photos from Audi's 100-year birthday bash. The size, shape and lights indicate this is the next generation Audi A8. » 7/21/09 10:30am 7/21/09 10:30am

Am I The New Audi A8?

If this series of grainy images emanating from the Gulf States is in fact the 2009 (as the page title suggests) or 2010 Audi A8 » 9/29/08 10:40am 9/29/08 10:40am, then things have indeed evolved since we last reported on next decade's Audi flagship. Most noticeable on the exterior is the distinctive rear panel with hints of inspiration, combined with…