Olio, Huile, Or Oil? Gauges Of The Monterey Historics

Once I saw a tachometer with a "$$$$" marker at the redline and another driven by a leather belt coming off the camshaft, I decided I'd start shooting some instrument panels at the Monterey Historics. Italy, Germany, Japan, and Detroit are all represented in the gallery below, but Joe Lucas ( the Prince Of Darkness »8/17/08 4:00pm8/17/08 4:00pm)…


Welcome To The 2008 Monterey Historics! Glorious Engines Everywhere, Not Many Meat-On-A-Stick Options

The temperature is a perfect 66 degrees, there's a soundtrack of wailing engines, and you can't walk 20 yards without encountering some legendary race car. Yes, it's the 2008 Monterey Historics, where I spent all day yesterday poking my camera into engine compartments and trying (in vain) to find a booth selling Deep… »8/17/08 10:00am8/17/08 10:00am