What Is The Best Van Ever Built?

Cars are all well and good, but vans are where the party is at. When this van is a rockin', don't come a knockin'! Right... ladies? Anywho, what's the best van ever?

Mine is a bit of a personal choice, and it goes to the Dodge Ram B-Series. We Okulskis liked them so much, we had two of the 15-passenger variety.

Now you're probably saying, "hey, you're an only child that had basically no friends, why the hell do you need a 15-passenger van?" One simple reason folks: Go-karts.


What Is The Best Van Ever Built?

Those vans were the reason we made it to the track every weekend to race. We could hold all our gear and two karts on a special rack that my dad built. The Rams also held (get ready for sappiness), in addition to their cargo, a lot of great memories.

What say you? What's the finest van in all the van land?