We heard about the madman who swapped a 1100 cubic inch, 1000 HP, Ford-produced Sherman Tank V8 into a 1970 Mustang more than two years ago. Now there's video.

If there was a Nobel Prize for engine swaps, these maniacs would get it, or at least be given the award posthumously after their drag racer warped the fabric of the universe around them and caused a black hole into which they were pulled. The engine was originally designed and built in the 1940s as part of the war effort and consists of a 60 degree cylinder angle, 5.4 inch bore and 6.0 inch stroke, a billet crank, shaft driven overhead cams, four valves per cylinder, and dual magnetos. In fighting form it produced 500 HP and 1050 lb-ft of torque. That was before the modifications of course.

We haven't been able to suss-out the current state of the car as, we imagine, the creators are still tinkering in their underground lab somewhere. Or perhaps they've just destroyed themselves whilst enjoying it.