Great big Detroit luxury machines, with two huge doors that swing out about 10 feet to the side when opened and a crude pushrod V8 with way more than 400 cubes under the hood. Aside from the low-single-digit gas mileage, what's not to love? The Lincolns of the 60s and 70s never quite sold like their Cadillac competition, but they had hoods like aircraft carrier decks and grilles carved from gigantic slabs of pure chrome. They were outrageous and beautiful, in a way the staid Caddy could never really pull off, and I wish I could find more of them parked on Alameda's streets.

Sadly, this is just the fourth vintage Lincoln I've found for this series. That's enough cars for us to have a poll, though! I found this car parked on the same block as the '67 Vista Cruiser and just around the corner from the Volvo P1800.

This might actually be a '71; the external appearance of the '70 and '71 Mark IIIs is pretty much identical. Both came with the 365-horse 460 engine, which was needed in order to get this two-and-a-half-ton machine moving.


You don't need a Continental kit when you have an actual Continental! And, yes, I'm aware of the pair of Cougars in the background; we'll see them later. The car in the driveway is off limits, unless it moves onto the street at some point.

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