Even though only 11% of you chose the If only they'd put Lamborghini bodies on them at the factory poll choice in Friday's DOTS Fiero poll, I feel compelled to share this fine example of a "Lamborghini Countach" that I spotted in the island's East End last week. Sure, the fit and finish isn't quite up to Yugo standards, but at least it's not another boring Camry or Malibu! I'm pretty sure it's based on the Pontiac Fiero chassis, but its smog check records indicate that it's registered as a 2000 model. That's why I'm including a poll, so that all of us have a chance to debate this car's identity.

This car was parked right across the street from where the '62 Corvair Van lives, but the van must have been off at a painting job that day.

So what do you really pay for when you buy a real Lamborghini? Some might say you get somewhat better quality in your emblems, for starters.


Hold on- is that an automatic transmission? Looks like the shifter just sticks out of a slit sliced into the vinyl with a Stanley knife.

At least it has hugely fat tires, just like the real thing.


Just to further muddy the identification waters, there's this Cadillac emblem on what may or may not be the engine cover. As we know, Cadillac 4.9 engines fit nicely in a Fiero, so maybe that's what we've got here. Let us know what you think we've got here!

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