ZZZZZappp! Fake Car Key Will Shock Your Friends

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Do you hate when people attempt to borrow your car? Do you think a joy buzzer handshake is a clever prank? If you answered yes to both of those questions then we have a device for you: the Shocks Car Key. Designed by Bim Bam Banana, the fake key fob gives the user a mild electric shock when they try and open the car. While we wouldn't use it on our friends, because we like them and we don't usually spend $21 on novelties, we wouldn't hesitate to use it on younger siblings that insist on taking the car without permission. [h/t Coolest Gadgets]


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On an unrelated note...

How big of douchefuckers are the Gawker Media assfucks?

They've been pimping their retarded, gayer-than-Richard-Simmons-getting-head-from-RuPaul Gawker shirts all over their blogs, but when it's time to pimp the Save The Enzos shirt, they have to drop in a condescending "couldn't care less?".