Vine, in case you are caught unawares, is a mobile app owned by Twitter that allows users to post and share six second video clips. They can be funny, tragic, or just plain weird. Lucky for us though, most of the ones involving cars are hilarious.

I was pretty skeptical of Vine at first, because I am both a luddite and a curmudgeon. It's grown on me though, if for nothing else but how purely impressive it is when a regular person somehow captures a small common filament of humanity in just a few seconds. In the video above, Benjamin Murphy displayed what is perhaps a driver's greatest fear – mistaking someone else's car for your own. And then they catch you, and then you get arrested, and then you go to prison, and then your life is ruined, and then you're writing letters to Gawker.

What do you think is the best automotive Vine video?