Yugo As Decorative Element: Park it in Your Living Room!

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I sit at Rittenhouse Park and see a guy from Time Cycle give the finger to a passing motorist, and it kind of makes me smile/This is the city of brotherly love and crime/And we only bombed our own city once, one time.
Adam Goren wrote those lines nearly a decade ago, and while said City of Brotherly Love has recently tried to position itself as a gay tourist mecca, well, as Atom said, there's also the issue of crime. One Philly college student found a way to defend his Yugo from the drunks who were popping out of the bar across the street and practicing a modified form of cow-tipping on his poor wee car-without-a-nation-as-he-knew-it-at-birth. After experiencing this obviously anti-Yugoslavian act one too many times, the victim and his roommates simply opened up the double doors to their house and rolled it into the living room. Our friend Dave used to keep a pristine Lambretta scooter in his upstairs San Francisco apartment as a decor piece, but think of how much fun actually having a car in one's living room would be: If positioned correctly, it could make Forza Motorsport a whole lot more fun.


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