The Ten Most Unsportsmanlike Moments In Auto Racing

Auto racing started as a gentleman's sport, but that doesn't mean the drivers are always very gentlemanly. Sometimes things get a little physical.


10.) A Mullet Fights For Dirt Track Justice

While Nascar race winner David Reutimann picks up first place at this dirt track event, two other drivers settle their differences as you'd imagine they would. I'm rooting for the mullet.


Suggested By: $kay "my happy place is a GT40" Cog

9.) Flying Jump Kick To A Windshield

You've probably never heard of the "Glass City 200" before, but you'll remember it now. Here's driver Michael Simko delivering a flying jump kick to fellow driver Don St. Denis's windshield. Things go downhill from there.

Suggested By: teampenske "Triple P" The Third

8.) Harvick Punches Busch, Busch Crashes Harvick

Kevin Harvick punches Busch, so Busch pushes Harvick's car into a wall. Not smart with all those people around.


Suggested By: hilikusopus, Demon-Xanth

7.) A Hockey Game Breaks Out At IndyCar

Kanaan and Hornish had a bit of a "scuffle" as our own Travis Okulski points out.


Suggested By: Travis "Tokulslki" Okulski

6.) Legendary AJ Foyt Delivers A Not-So-Legendary Slap

AJ Foyt is known for being one of the toughest guys in American racing history, which makes his backhanded slap on Arie Luyendyk seem a little disgraceful.


Suggested By: Scrambler "The Scrambler" Scrambler

5.) 100 Laps Down But Fighting The Leader

One of the most disgraceful moments in sports car racing happened just last year, when a total backmarker tried to take out the leader. Bakkster_Man explains.


First thing to note, this is the final Sebring race where ALMS series competitors shared the track with World Endurance Championship series cars. The important thing to note is that there are two sets of cars competing in separate championships, and the drivers aren't scored against each other. The first American competitor across the line gets points for his win, and the first WEC competitor gets points for his win. This makes what happens on the last lap absolutely appalling.

Gimmi Bruni drives for the WEC AF Corse team, and his car is nearly 100 laps behind, far enough behind they will score no points for the race regardless (if he pulled off the track his result would be no different, DNF either way). Joey Hand is leading GT in his BMW with Bruni's AF Corse teammate Olivier Beretta just behind in the Ferrari. If the order stays, then Hand will score the ALMS win and Beretta will score the WEC win, they are not competing for points. Instead, Bruni allows Hand to pass him, then punts him into the gravel. In a twist, Hand recovers while Beretta ends up spinning and getting passed by the Corvette behind (still not costing him any points). Nothing more douchebag than taking your car which isn't racing and trying to wreck out a driver in a different class just to get your teammate bragging rights.

Bruni's car was excluded from the results (again, not that it mattered much because they were already a DNF) and Bruni was fined an inconsequential amount. Screw Gimmi Bruni.


Suggested By: Bakkster "The Tourer" Man

4.) The "F" Stands For Kung Fu

Three-time F1 world champion Nelson Piquet was on the way to a rare win in the 1982 season (rare because his car broke all the time) when he came up on his protégé Eliseo Salazar. Salazar knocked Piquet out of the race, so Piquet tried to knock Salazar out right back.


Suggested By: teampenske "the penske" The Third

3.) You Crash Me, I Crash You

In one of the more skeevy moments in car racing history, Alain Prost took out his teammate, the evangelized Ayrton Senna.

The next year, at the very same racetrack, Senna took out Prost for revenge.

Suggested By: Wachyourbac

2.) Golden Gloves At Daytona

The classic racing fight. Cale Yarborough was a golden gloves amateur boxer. When Donnie Allison and he tussled themselves out of the top spots at the '79 Daytona 500, things got a little rough.


Suggested By: Patrick "The Geisty" Frawley and Daender

1.) Jumping Jacks On The Straightaway

Nobody has ever been a sore loser like Norwegian rallycross legend Martin "Mr. Rallycross" Schanche. When he got bumped out of a race, he wanted the marshals to penalize the other driver. When no call came, Schanche decided to protest the race by leaping in front of the cars, causing a massive pileup.


Crashing out the rest of the field is about as sore a loser can be.

Suggested By: Fartburgler

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Steve Hopkinson

You've got the order of the Prost/Senna crashes the wrong way around. Prost took out Senna at the Casio chicane in '89; Senna took out Prost at Turn 1 in '90. None of it was particularly sporting.