You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Schtupps You in a Mercury: Dean Martin's Sex Wagon

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Before there was Carmen Electra, there was Stella Stevens. Bit-part-playing, Playboy-posing, celebrity-sexing Stevens was a favorite among male movie fans, who rewarded her nudity-intensive approach to getting famous by making her a major pinup of the time. In 1966, she starred in "The Silencers" with Rat Pack impresario Dean Martin as goofball special agent Matt Helm. Helm, of pulp fiction fame, bedded like Bond despite (or because of) a tendency for self-effacement and heavy drinking. The two carried on their professional relationship in the back of a 1966 Mercury station wagon, customized by George Barris (who else?). Dubbed "The Sex Wagon" in the movie, the Merc features two separate bedrooms fitted with leather upholstery, a martini bar, a tailgate modified to lower as a step, and a working TV. That car — an anteceedent of the modern pimp's ride — had been in the back of a garage somewhere before the Volo Auto Museum got hold of it. Now, it's on permanent display for those interested in how grandpa once got his freak on, or wished he did.

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