We first saw the 2015 Audi TT in hardtop form way back in March, but let's be honest here. There is no Audi TT without the convertible, soft top option you see scooting all over the suburbs of the world. So here it is, finally making its debut. And with the hotter TTS version, too.

That picture up top is of the TTS, clearly denoted by the fact that the badge up front says TTS. If you want to see the regular TT, well, it's not much different, except it is a bit more blue.

And maybe this is some sort of crime, but I'm actually digging the multi-spoke wheels even more than the ones on the S. Is that allowed? To like things on the base model more than the fast one? Someone get back to me on this, I feel like I'm doing something wrong.


Much like the coupe, the roadster produces 230 horses in 2.0 TFSI base form, and the TTS will come with what will, in all likelihood, be a solidly enjoyable 310 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. Audi says that it'll get you from zero to 60 MPH in 4.9 seconds, which is definitely quicker than spit, and to help you get there you'll have the Volkswagen Auto Group's solid dual-clutch transmission.

Though I gotta say, it's not even the engine, or the transmission I'm looking forward to. It's the soft top itself. Electronically actuated, it comes in three color flavors:

his is available as standard in black, titanium gray and jive, and fits perfectly into the design line. With parts made from magnesium, aluminum, steel and plastic, the soft top weighs just 39 kilograms (86.0 lb) and is 3 kilograms (6.6 lb) lighter than its predecessor.


You catch that? Yeah, it comes in black, titanium gray, and jive. Maybe it sits there and calls you a turkey for not putting the roof down.

Because Audi is German, however, it means that their press releases are always a bit, well, off, and Audi's main method of conveying the thrill of 310 horses in a tiny, two-seater little convertible, focuses on the instrument cluster, and specifically, the little screen which can switch from "infotainment" mode to navigation mode, to many other modes besides:

The TTS Roadster features a third, particularly sporty view that focuses on the rev counter as an important racing instrument.



Maybe aliens write their press releases, who knows.

But I really don't care. After positively detesting the first-generation of Audi TT roadster, I've grown to like them more and more. Something about the styling has grown from cutesy-little Volkswagen Golf-ish convertible, to teutonic two-seater of joy. We'll see what happens when we drive it, but I can't imagine this one being bad at all.


UPDATE: Here are some more photos, and from more angles, it still doesn't look too bad. I especially like the quilted leather and the turbine-esque vents of the interior.



Photos credit: Audi