Your ridiculously cool Gulf Oil Lamborghini wallpaper is here

I feel like the entire day could have been a disaster as long as we ended with this photograph. It's art. It's pr0n. It's the money shot. It's a flame-spewing Gulf Oil racing Lamborghini Gallardo in a perfect pan. As Fats Waller would say at the climax of a particularly good performance: "Shoot me now, just shoot me now!"

Actually, if you want to waste an entire afternoon staring at photos of cars browse the entire Arthomobiles gallery from this year's Spa24. There's even video. Shoot me now. Just shoot me now.


The 1600-px version is here and the giganto-desktop version is on our Facebook page (no, you don't have to "like" our Facebook page or even sign in to the service. It's right there in the "photos" section on the left).

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