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Your Ridiculously Cool 1956 Cadillac DeVille Wallpaper Is Here

Illustration for article titled Your Ridiculously Cool 1956 Cadillac DeVille Wallpaper Is Here

In honor of our Americana-bent today I'm going to feature reader Ferli's photograph of the dashboard from a 1956 Cadillac DeVille. But that shot wasn't taken in the United States, but in Ferli's hometown of Maracaibo, Venezuela. Long live the boat.


The 1600-px version is here and the giganto-desktop version is here.

Have a photo to contribute? Email us at tips at Jalopnik dot com, just make sure you have the rights to share it.


Photo Credit: Feril Toro

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Pretty freaking cool. A buddy of mine took a bunch of panoramic photos of classic car and hot rod dashboards and printed and mounted them in full life-size. They are so bloody amazing, that my wife actually let me mount a 6-foot-long photo of my 1966 Fairlane's dash in the living room! Check them out here [] or see them in person at LOOK Gallery in San Francisco if you are in the City.