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Last weekend we featured a Land Rover Defender, and that was all fine and dandy. There was just one problem – there was no proof that it had actually played in the dirt. Sure, there was mud, but who knows how it got there. Maybe it was painted on. With this picture though, there's never any doubt.


This particular Land Cruiser is a 70-Series model, which is actually still available for sale in many parts of the world that don't happen to rhyme with Munited Mates. Which is just as well, as this shot was sent into us by Asim, who sent us these pictures by way of Pakistan. The guys over at the Frontier 4x4 club look like they know how to motor, as evidenced by the ridiculous amount of air this Toyota's getting. Next time I'm in Pakistan (well, the first time I'm in Pakistan, really) I know what I'll be doing.

Photo credit Asim Aziz. Used with permission. For a giganto-desktop version, click here.

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